Monday, January 11, 2010

First Blog Ever

I am starting this blog not because I feel the world needs to know my every move or should hear what i have to say but I think it could be fun, challenging, and creative! I can learn more about myself and hopefully become more inspired by life along the way.
As I start my first blog it's obvious to me that I seem to find the oddest moments to feel inspired or to write and take photos. Its mostly when I am working and I would rather be doing something else. So as I sit here working and unable to edit or take photos, with barely enough time to write I take notes in my head and compose them line by line. I focus on everything else I can and would rather be doing than the pile of documents that are pending on my desk. One day I know there will be a time when I look back and this will be a part of my distant past, because there will be a time when I suddenly feel inspired to write or capture that moment and journey through the lens and I will have all the time in the world to do so, until then I'm off to make a paycheck.....